By Cool Custom Ice Cream Freezer Advice to Boost Every Retail Sales

Remember the last time you rushed into a convenience store for what? Was it to find the cold mineral water that you desperately needed to quench your thirst? A cold beverage in a variety of flavors? The iced cold beer comes with a barbecue. Or the instantly lift mood ice cream?

There is no doubt that the sales performance of the convenience store is good or bad, to a large extent, and choosing the right display freezer equipment is closely related. When we are in the convenience store, often purchase goods which different with original thoughts.


For customers who want to try something new, it’s hard not to consider buying a bottle of your favorite beverage brand when you see it coming out. For customers who are still hesitating between beer, carbonated drinks, and ice cream, the familiar ice cream brand seems to be inviting you when you see the cooler standing on the floor alone and eye-catching. And when queuing at the checkout counter, the customer will instantly become interested in a certain ice cream brand on the counter and will not hesitate to make a purchase because they want to taste the deliciousness of ice cream again.


American Ice-cream  Baskin-Robbins  Countertop Freezer SD50B

Known for having the most flavors, 31 Ice Cream is one of the world’s largest ice cream specialty chains. Considering the capacity and maximizing the brand image, they chose Meisda’s black tabletop freezer SD50B. 50L capacity is just the right size for 31 Ice Cream to display different flavors of ice cream in layers, while customizing the brand sticker, using the brand’s design elements for secondary creation, displaying the brand logo and product image on the side and top of the freezer. The portable size can be placed on the bar of any store, not taking up too much area and being very eye-catching. At the same time, the refrigerator has a  precise temperature control that keeps 31 ice cream at an optimal temperature of ≤ -18 °C (≤ -0.4 °F) to maintain the best flavor of ice cream.


Belgian alcoholic ice cream brand LiQ  Upright Freezer SD105Band  Desktop Mini Freezer SD50B

The unique product positioning is what makes Liq ice cream different from ordinary ice cream. Liq focuses on alcohol ice cream with 5% alcohol content, mainly for adults over 18 years old, while using zero-calorie natural sweetener stevia to bring a low sugar and indulgent frozen dessert.


Unlike Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, Liq has multi-scene display needs. They chose Meisda’s white slim freezer SD105B  for floor display and tabletop mini display SD50B. They also customized brand stickers to use the new brand display image after Liq’s brand upgrade. The interesting brand image stands out in the crowd and the ice cream placed in the display case looks more attractive.


Meisda commercial refrigeration provides flexible and customized refrigeration display solutions to help ice cream brands increase their brand influence and product sales. Maintain the best flavor of ice cream while making it delicious and fun to share.

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