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Guaranty for a Long-term partnership
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Warranty & After-sales Service

– One-year warranty for refrigerator –
– three-years warranty for compressor –
Many clients have chosen to cooperate with us for more than a decade, and it’s not simply because we offer high-quality products. As a partner, we provide long-term professional quality assurance and after-sales services.
As part of our insurance policy, each shipment comes with 1% free spare parts to ensure that customers can replace broken parts in the event of an accident in a timely matter.
Large retail supermarket shelf with various beverage and juice display
meisda provide the integrated customer services including warranty&after sale service
During the warranty period, if there is any quality problem provided not damaged by the user, please submit the issue and corresponding pictures/inspection information to us at your first convenience. Our customer service personnel will follow up on the issue.
After a professional technical analysis, we will provide support services such as parts delivery, repair cost reimbursement, full-price refund, or in-house inspection and repair.

Meisda values every piece of client feedback, and we will reinforce targeted product improvement and long-term monitoring. We do not view each compensation as our loss but as a valuable piece of advice and helpful experiences. In this fast-developing market environment, we are willing to follow closely the pace of our clients and the market. We promise to continue to innovate and pursue perfection.

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