How King of Beer– Budweiser Countertop Retro Cooler Back to Fashion

When it comes to product design, we are always following trends. At the same time, we need to review those classic designs from time to time. This reminds me of Budweiser, which was founded in 1876. New flavors have been introduced in recent years, but the one that hits people’s minds is the Budweiser Classic. Just like its brand statement, “To you who know how to taste the classic legend, taste the difference! Classic Budweiser, a legacy of quality!”

The two retro refrigerator series SC52and the round corner fridge SC80H, a tribute to the classics, collaborated by Budweiser and Meisda Refrigeration, instantly pull people’s memory back to the 1950s and 60s. There is no doubt that modern design refrigerators are simple and generous, with convenient and practical functions, and you don’t need a high price to get a satisfactory refrigerator. And this retro refrigerator is the memories belonging to that generation of people. We can call it a “nostalgic time machine“, just like we usually see the BMW Mini Cooper car, Volkswagen Beetle car. It carries the traces of the times, the classic design of the deep hearts.

The four SC52 desktop refrigerated display coolers of the 52L retro-type desktop refrigerator are designed with a big size display of the classic Budweiser red, with an eye-catching white logo design on the front. Tribute to the vintage retro metal handle, the upper right corner of the thoughtful design, equipped with a wall-mounted retro bottle opener, greatly facilitates the ready-to-drink Budweiser beer lovers. Underneath the four refrigerators are four attractive logos that represent Budweiser’s move into the sports industry. NHL stands for National Hockey League and the remaining three logos are Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks, and Winnipeg Jets teams of the NHL Association. Meanwhile, Bud Light has become the official beer of the NHL in the United States and Budweiser has become the official partner beer brand of the NHL in Canada.


Through effective sports marketing, Budweiser conducts precise marketing, with passion, youth, energy and fervor as the ties that bind them. It is certain that Budweiser will have its peak beer season again. At the same time, this marketing will increase brand awareness and increase customer stickiness.

ThisBudweiser custom desktop display cabinet SC80His mainly designed with rounded corners, streamlined lines, smooth shape, and rich colors. The outer material of the refrigerator is made of film, with a certain thickness, such as a slight scratch, a little grinding and polishing can be restored as before. Also, it uses the classic vintage metal handle and Budweiser white eye-catching logo design.


Good Design + Right Marketing Strategy = Good Business. To better meet the arrival of the beer season, choosing a customized refrigeration solution that matches the brand’s tone will give a surprise boost effect on beverage sales.

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