Personalized Customization Services

Good Design makes the first footprint for customization
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Personalized Customization Services

When clients come to us in the beginning, many of them might only have a conceptual need for their products to be lit with the most lighting. They might already have a first draft design with a unique look representing their products. They might wish to re-invent on the basis of their regular market products. No matter your needs, our professional innovative design team will turn your requests into reality.
conceptual idea for every meisda customzied commercial refrigerator, freezer upright, mini feezer
Example of Meisda R&D department's drinks fridge product design based on consumer demand
Dozens of customization options are available in our existing regular product lines for our client’s needs, including decals, lights, doors, shells, shelves, wheels, temperature requirements, and more. A little bit of change creates the uniqueness of a product as a whole.
For companies with the need to build products starting from 0, we will provide dedicated personnel to guide you through the process, from demand collection, design, 3D proofing, die sinking, pre-production samples, to mass production, shipping, and after-sales service.

Professional customization doesn’t stop at creating unique looks but also serves the entire service process.

Whether you are a large company group or a small start-up brand, we are willing to accompany and guide you through the process of creating your own product display and help you grow.

Example of Meisda R&D department's mini refrigerator product design based on consumer demand

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