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In-Store Retail Marketing Services

With 18 years of experience in retail display services, Meisda understands that product exposure alone is not enough to deliver the expected sales volume. Only by combining innovative display equipment with brand identity creation can we encourage more visits and purchases within the few minutes of customer selection.

Large retail supermarket shelf with various beverage and juice display
meisda representative original black highlight slimline glass door upright refrigerated merchandiser

Global retail settings are often limited in space.

Our design team has created our representative original designs of table-top mini-seriesandthe long, slim cabinet-series, allowing drinks and food to be best displayed in limited space for convenient customer selection for more than a decade.

Client feedback on retail display showed that our display had led to a double in their sales or even a higher increase in a short period of time.

Meisda’s professional cooling and heating technology makes our display cabinets suitable for environments with different temperatures and humidity requirements due to geography and usage scenarios.
From a 40-degree Celsius Indian street-side convenient store with no air conditioning to a 4-degree Celsius storage temperature strictly required for high-end supermarkets in Chile, our professional R&D team will make your requests into reality.

Argentina famous energy drink brand,Speed energy drink cans, display in a branded black mini chiller for grocery store check out line retail sale

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