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“We are Meisda, a professional commercial refrigeration manufacturer with 18 years of experience in the industry. With our innovative technology, custom solutions, and dedicated services, we aim to provide global food and beverage companies with stylish, custom-designed promotional refrigerating display to help them win the global market.”


Innovative Technology

With our leading cooling technology and first class production capacity, we continue to excell in technological innovation while being environmental friendly and socially responsible.

Custom Solution

We provide professional custom solutions in retail display refrigerating equipment specializing in style, technology, and ambient environment to help our customers stand out in a highly competitive market.

Dedicated Services

We are dedicated to fully understanding our customer’s needs, providing professional services that exceed their expectations, and creating a brand identity for our clients with our customized products.


Help food and beverage companies grow. Deliver fresh taste within reach.
We help companies grow in brand influence and product sales with our custom-made retail refrigerating display. We aim to preserve the freshest taste of food and beverages that are ready to be shared and tasted within reach.


At Meisda, we make cooling services truly”cool” in quality and style. It has been our motto for the past 18 years to deliver products that meet our client’s unique needs. In 2008, we caught our very first international opportunity to invest in semiconductor cooling and warming display refrigeration for Suntory. We were thrilled to learn that Suntory sales had increased sixfold in the Japanese market as the outcome. We want to continue to make a difference, bring innovation and satisfaction to our clients, and lead refrigeration cooling services to a new era.