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Online/Offline Distribution Services

In Meisda’s global distribution system, we supply refrigerated display merchandisers for various distributors/retailers/wholesalers worldwide. Market involved includes hotel supplies, catering equipment, and supermarket facilities, etc.
wholesale heineken beer barrel can cooler display supplier and manufacturer and online delivery
Find Meisda product on USA Top 1 online commercial restaurant supply
Notice that products ranked by Most Popular in the Countertop Glass Door Refrigerators and Freezers category are all from Meisda.

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Why does WebstaurantStore choose Meisda?
-Meisda’s product quality satisfies the final product users.
-Meisda is fast reactive and professional in terms of cooperation.
-Meisda is flexible with in-time scattered re-inventory.-Meisda offers precise and responsible after-sale services.
-Meisda supplies retail-level packaging services.
-Meisda keeps inventing new products to diversify E-commerce offerings.
-Meisda offers a competitive and growing profit margin.


Leading E-commerce in many countries purchase from Meisda.

We are familiar with types of refrigerators preferred in different markets, for example, the black and white standard-sized wide-body refrigerators with no lightbox in the U.S. and the refrigerators with innovative design elements in the E.U.
To meet market demand, we actively communicate with our dealers over regional market trends every month, and we heavily invest in product development to keep our catalogs fresh. As a result, our sales have increased steadily.
a handsome businessman is leaning on the Meisda upright beverage showcase and enjoying his drink
all kinds of mini freezers, stand up freezers, sub zero refrigerators and wine refrigerator in the meisda warehouse
We offer services to different types of dealers with different volumes.
From the largest online distribution platform in a country to offline local wholesalers in a town, we have customized flexible annual shipping plans according to the different demands of clients, so there is no worry about excess inventory and will always have products in stock.

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