What value can a custom refrigerator bring to Guinness beer?

People all over the world are crazy about Guinness Stouts, and many love not only its taste but also the culture of Guinness. In Ireland, where Guinness is based, Guinness can be found everywhere. Guinness is Ireland’s national treasure, and it has its museum and surrounding souvenir stores.


When consumers buy Guinness in supermarkets, convenience stores or bars, it’s easy to see that brands are choosing unique, branded fridges to display and sell their stouts. This trend is evident in the beer and beverage industry as a whole, both domestically and abroad. Branded custom refrigerators of all shapes and sizes are popping up frequently in all kinds of retail scenarios. As the cooler supplier for Guinness’s and hundreds of other beverage brands, which type of added value is Meisda’s custom refrigerators providing?


1. Better retail experience

Customized refrigerators bring Guinness enthusiasts an exclusive retail experience, creating a beautiful shopping memory with consumers and personalized use. When the brand has taken hold and formed a culture, using and buying becomes a must-do thing. You will find that what you buy is not just a bottle of beer, it is a culture to enjoy. When you have your own Guinness fridge, you will immediately show it off to people around you or post it on ins.


2. Billboards within reach

Guinness is a very creative company, and one of the most successful advertising ideas is the Guinness World Records. The original idea was to raise awareness of the Guinness brand. Throughout its more than two hundred years of existence, Guinness has continued to find ways to draw attention to its brand, which is one of the reasons why it has been so successful.

A customized Guinness refrigerator is a billboard at your fingertips. Anytime, anywhere, it’s in your mind to remind you that it’s time to drink a can of Guinness beer. Why not use such a great advertising idea?


3. Unlock new consumers

With the younger generation becoming the new consumer group, many brands have opened up their new ways to play. Making products more youthful and personalized will be the direction recommended by many brands. Meisda‘s branded refrigerators are just the right choice to meet beverage food storage and personalized display needs. For example, the best drinking temperature of Guinness stout is 5℃/41℉. Meisda’s commercial refrigerator SC52 with the precise thermostat can accurately control the temperature inside the box, so that the best taste of Guinness stout can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.



4. Give back to loyal customers

Sincerely give back to every Guinness stout-loving fan and let them feel the brand’s gratitude to them. Then, choose a customized branded gift with usability features that loyal customers will be delighted with. This Guinness customized refrigerator is mini and cute, space-saving, and easy to move and match surrounding decorations.


Personalized custom services are also one of the core brand values of Meisda. Responding to the new trends in consumer demand, we provide custom-designed promotional refrigerated showcases in the retail environment to give global food and beverage companies higher brand value and sales.


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