What makes a commercial refrigerator noisy?

1. Sometimes the refrigerator can hear “crack” and “clap” during use. What’s wrong?


After a few minutes of starting or stopping the refrigerator, you can sometimes hear a “slap” sound. Due to temperature changes, the evaporator and piping will make this sound due to thermal expansion and contraction, which mostly occurs in the evaporator or condensation. It is normal on the device.


2. A “grunt” when the refrigerator is running?

When the refrigerator is cooling, the refrigerant runs at high speed in the system, and the liquid and gas state must be transformed. The liquid enters the evaporator and evaporates to form a gas. During the transformation process, there will be a certain grunt, this reason is the same as boiling water to produce grunt, it is not a problem with the product, please rest assured to use.


3. Why the refrigerator emits a “booming” sound when running?

-The refrigerator can be cooled by relying on the refrigerant in the refrigerator. When the refrigerator is cooling, the refrigerant is in the liquid state in the evaporator pipe and circulates. At this time, a sound like the sound of running water will be emitted.

-When the refrigerator stops working, the refrigerant will return, and it will continuously or intermittently make a sound like the “booming” of running water. This is a normal phenomenon, please rest assured to use it.

4. Why does the compressor emits “click” and “click” when the refrigerator starts or stops?

When the compressor starts or stops, the internal rotor device of the motor must be changed from static to high-speed operation or from high-speed to static state. At the moment of conversion, the compressor will make a louder sound than normal operation; or the sound made when the solenoid valve works; for example, “click”, “click” sound, this is a normal phenomenon, please rest assured to use.

5. Why the noises such as “click” or “squeak” when opening and closing the refrigerator door?

-There is something stuck at the door axis of the refrigerator; open the door of the refrigerator, check if there is any foreign object stuck at the position of the door axis, and take it out.

-The items placed on the shelf above the door are too heavy; reduce the number of items placed and open and close the door again.

-The hinge is short of oil and friction occurs; drop 1-2 drops of edible oil to the hinge of the refrigerator or apply grease to the door locking block.

6. When the fan of the frost-free air-cooled refrigerator rotates, will it make a “whining” sound?

The refrigerator(countertop cooler/upright cooler/countertop freezer/upright freezer/mobile cooler)is equipped with a fan to promote air circulation. When the fan rotates, it will emit the sound of airflow and the rotation of the motor. When the door is opened or shut down, the sound will slowly stop and can be used with confidence.

Overall, the above 6 sounds basically cover all of the noise that the refrigerator may emit on a daily basis. As the operator understands the refrigerator and the principle of noise better, he/she can solve the abnormal noise issue in time.

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