Tips for using commercial refrigerators in Summer

In the hot summer, commercial refrigerators have become the darling of most businesses.

No matter it is in grocery shops, restaurants, cafes, or clubs, commercial refrigerators, consumers grab and enjoy cold drinks and ice creams in every minute.


Summer brings better sales but also demands more attention to the operation of refrigerators.


In this article, I will be sharing some useful tips:


  • Cautious door open

Don’t leave the door open for a long time. When loading food and beverages, do it several times.

This will ensure the balance of internal cooling temperature.


  • Refrigeration placement

Place the refrigerator in a ventilated environment, which is beneficial for condenser heat dissipation.

If the refrigerator is being placed right next to be wall or other display merchandisers, leave a distance larger than 5 cm.


  • Potential side temperature increase

If the side of the refrigerator feels hot, please don’t panic. Your refrigerator might have a condenser placed on the sides.

As it dispatches heat, the temperature could reach as high as 60-degree Celsius.

If the refrigerator maintains a regular internal temperature, no worries need to be carried.


  • Preventative Maintenance

To ensure your refrigeration system is prepared for the hot summer months, proper preventative maintenance must be done once a month.

This maintenance includes checking refrigerant levels, verifying the thermostats and pressure controls, cleaning and lubricating the motors, manually defrosting, and cleaning the coils and drain pans.


How to prevent refrigerator gas leakage?

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