Perfect temperatures for your favorite drinks

Many drinks have their own optimal temperature. Only the most suitable temperature can deliver the best taste of the drink.

So, what should be the best temperature for different drinks?

1. Beer

Isn’t the ice beer the better? Of course, not.

The higher-quality beer, in the range of 6~8℃ (42.8˚F-46.4 ˚F) not only still retains a cool feeling, but also allows the aroma to be truly volatile. Beer presently has an endless aftertaste.



2. wine

-Red wine: 16˚C-18˚C (60.8˚F-64.4˚F)

-White wine: 10℃-12 .C (50 ˚F -53.6 ˚F)

-Champagne, Sparkling wine: 8˚C-10˚C (46.4˚F-50˚F)

-Rose: 10˚C (50 ˚F)

-Whiskey: 15˚C (59˚F)

-Vodka: 7˚C (44.6˚F)

-Brandy: 20˚C (68˚F)


3. beverage

Coca-cola, over-frozen cola, is very destructive to the taste. The appropriate temperature should be 3℃ (37.4 ˚F). Currently, the solubility of carbon dioxide in cola is the highest, and it is enough to drink it, and it stimulates addiction. How do you know? The Coke bottle always says: around 3℃ (37.4 ˚F), soda is more refreshing.



Juice, in the temperature range of 8℃~10℃ (46.4 ˚F-50 ˚F), does not have the freezing sensation that makes the teeth tremble but gives the fruit a more vibrant taste.

Coffee, a good cup of coffee, must have a high enough temperature. The temperature around 80℃ (176 ˚F) can stimulate the aroma of the coffee, making it more mellow and delicious. However, it should be noticed that the temperature of the coffee is also very high. After it cools, it loses its fragrance and becomes sour and sour. It is harder to eat than traditional Chinese medicine.

Tea, the most suitable temperature is 50℃-60℃ (122 ˚F-140 ˚F). Cold tea is not only not fragrant, but also more bitter and astringent.

Milk, the best choice is to stir the milk to 60~65℃(140 ˚F-149 ˚F), which is just the right temperature for the mouth. This will not only sterilize but also make the milk more mellow and taste more delicious.

In the natural environment, we know that it is difficult to maintain the optimal temperature of the drink. Meisda’s commercial refrigerator conducts targeted research and development tests for different stored drinks. For example, the temperature of the Meisda milk cooler must be controlled at 2℃-5℃(35 ˚F-41 ˚F)to maintain the best temperature for refrigerated milk. The Carl electronic temperature control that Meisda uses extensively allows consumers to set the ideal temperature due to flexibly and accurately to the temperature requirements of the stored beverages when they use the freezer daily. Then you can immediately enjoy the best tasting drink anytime.

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