New ecodesign rules on refrigerating appliance, apply form 1 March 2021

On December 5th,2019, the Ecodesign (2019/2024) and Energy Labeling Regulation (2019/2018) for Refrigerating appliances with a direct sales function were published in the Official Journal of the European Union and will enter into force starting from March, 1st, 2021.



Only the products with the following minimum energy efficiency requirements will be sold in Europe:

All equipment

March 2021: EEI<100

September 2023: EEI<80


Ice Cream freezers

March 2021: EEI<80

September 2023: EEI<50

(EEI, Energy Efficiency Index)


Faced with the new policy, Meisda quickly updated all the product test reports and energy labels upon the new standards. We highly focus on the European market and are closely followed by the local laws and regulations, trying to provide a smoother channel for our European customers. Moreover, Meisdas products are all ranked Class B. Usually, the Energy label rates products from A (the most efficient, the most eco-friendly) to G (the least efficient, the least efficient), and Class B means this kind of products could save 25% power consumption compare to the average products.


Take the countertop cooler– SC68 as an example. Through the new energy label, you can clearly see the power consumption, capacity, temperature, and ambient temperature requirements of the model.


Meisda will always put customer rights and interests first so that every purchase will have no worries.


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