Need a Meisda Can Fridge for Beer and Drink Brand Promotion

The regular square or rectangular cooler is no longer sufficient for business. With the growing beverage and beer brand and new products marching into the market, merchants are looking for a unique way to display their beverage and beer brands.

Looking for a new stylish fridge? The can-shaped cooler of Meisda product line will be the best display solution. The round shape of the cooler and the big size innovative brand advertising will be the eye-catcher at any location. At present, the main product line of the Meisda barrel can cooler and freezer display cabinet is three models: SC65Y, SC77Y, and SD80Y(size range from 65L, 77L to 80L).

Each round shape can cooler/freezer has 4 strong flexible rollers for easy to move around at a party or promotional events. Inside the cylinder cooler are customized light strips with various colors to choose from. The top transparent glass door design guarantees that every customer could see the inside cans from any angle and have quick access to them.

Showing it with the dynamic music, each drink and beer expose your brand by 360 degrees to your clients.

A single cooler display may not satisfy all the display environments. We normally recommend to our customers to use with different display showcase groups, like mobile cooler +countertop cooler, or barrel can freezer+ upright cooler and other flexible options. For example, Gorilla Hemp, an American energy drink brand, chose the combination of can-shaped cooler SC77Y and supermarket upright showcase SC190BG, which can help maximize the brand display effect.

It’s your chance now to create your barrel coolers with your special design! Contact us Now!

How King of Beer– Budweiser Countertop Retro Cooler Back to Fashion

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