Meisda’s Best-Selling Liquor and Spirits Cooler

Why so many people are obsessed with drinking liquor and spirits? There is no denying that drinking made them happy or get them out of anxiety and tiredness. Sometimes it’s prepared for the special moment to be remembered, like celebrations, family reunions, and so on.


Meisda,as a professional commercial refrigerator manufacturer, try to be a spotlight of each liquor and spirits brand. Using the most creative design and choosing the most appropriate preservation systems to retain the best flavor of each kind of liquor and spirit.


When you choose a liquor and spirits cooler to store your product, please ask yourself three questions first,

-What’s your liquor or spirits storage conditions?

-How many bottles are you planning to store?

-Where is your liquor or spirits cooler going to be located?


Let’s find two different representative brand coolers below to be selected for your reference.


No.1  Jagermeister 21L Vertical Freezer SC21L

You have probably have heard people taking Jager as their favorite drink they can casually sip on. It’s obvious that Jagermeister, a German liqueur brand is very popular among people.


Its unique and independent brand image requires a customized fridge to match. We choose the SC21 as their standard model, 

+0.7 cu.ft to hold Jagermeister liqueur

+Optimal Temperature for liqueur between 32°F to 50°F (0°C to 10°C).

+Optional Lock&Key 

+Internal LED Lighting

+Sided Brand Sticker

+Brown glass door

+Automatic door closure

+Engraved colored logo on the glass door



N0.2  Jim Beam 80L Countertop Cooler SC80B


For each whisky enthusiasts, they all know that Jim Beam’s white label Bourbon is Beam’s flagship bourbon and their best-selling product.


Try to display this kind of most popular bourbon whisky in the world–Jim Beam white label, we choose the SC80B as the standard model, 

+2.8 cu. ft to hold Jim Beam White Lable

+Optimal Temperature for whisky between 32°F to 50°F (0°C to 10°C).

+Optional Lock&Key 

+Internal LED Lighting

+Sided Brand Sticker

+transparent glass door

+Automatic door closure

+Branded lamp box to stand out the brand identity


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