Meisda Refrigeration at Hotelex Shanghai 2021

From March 29 to April 1, Hotelex Shanghai International Hospitality Equipment & Foodservice Expo Series Exhibition was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre as scheduled. Meisda, as the first appearance of the brand upgrade, gathered in Hall 5 with many commercial refrigeration display equipment manufacturers.

Meisda’s eye-catching pavilion design this time stands out among the crowd of pavilions. The new brand upgraded Meisda orange and  Meisda dark blue-green present a natural and clean visual effect, injecting fresh vitality to the new brand MEISDA.


With the new theme of “Food” to run, and stand to bloom, this year’s HOTELEX exhibition mainly covers 12 sections, namely kitchen equipment and supplies, tabletop supplies, food and beverage ingredients, food synthesis, beverage synthesis, coffee and tea, ice cream equipment and materials, baking equipment and raw materials, wine synthesis, food and beverage packaging, food and beverage design and supporting, chain franchising and catering investment. With the influence of the exhibition, it helped us to harvest a lot of buyers who are interested in our products.

During our visit to many food and beverage brand exhibitors at the show, all of them wanted to increase their brand exposure and were eager to get more attention from customers in today’s increasingly competitive market environment. This is in line with the mission that Meisda has been carrying out. We hope to help beverage and food companies improve their brand influence and product sales through customized solutions for commercial refrigeration showcases. Finally, the Meisda sales team at the exhibition took a group photo.

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