Meisda immediately supports global clients with free mask

Facing the severe epidemic situation, we greeted customers in more than 50 countries for the first time. On the basis of guaranteed products and services, we hope to provide some help within our ability. To support all new and existing customers, we will provide masks for free. If required, please leave a message.

After consulting the needs of overseas customers, the company quickly followed up the epidemic situation of the customer’s location, integrated the existing mask resources, and consulted and understood the international express company’s quarantine policies for relevant countries’ epidemic prevention materials, and prepared relevant materials. Fast way to overseas customers.

With the active cooperation and help of all the employees of the company, the masks are smoothly packed and delivered.

Let the deliciousness stay and the warmth linger. Meisda will always stand by you.

Meisda Refrigeration at Hotelex Shanghai 2021
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