How to stop water collecting in a commercial fridge?

When using commercial refrigerators in daily life, we often encounter various problems. One of the common problems is the frequent occurrence of water accumulation in refrigerators. The phenomenon of water accumulation in the refrigerator is generally caused by improper use.


1. When the food is put in the refrigerator, the temperature is too high, and the overheated food contains water vapor, which becomes water after cooling. When these waters cannot be totally discharged, accumulated water is formed. For this reason, if overheated food is not put in the refrigerator, it can be solved.


2. Frequently open the refrigerator door, a lot of hot air rushes into the refrigerator, forming hot and cold convections. When the refrigerator door is closed, the hot air is easily liquefied into the water. This phenomenon is not unfamiliar to everybody, and it is easy to have drops of water on windows in a closed room in winter. Everyone should try to reduce the frequency of opening and closing the refrigerator door and shorten the time of opening and closing the refrigerator door. If you pay attention to it in use, it is not hard to solve this.


3. The drain hole is blocked. The back of the refrigerator compartment is designed with a water leakage hole, just to drain the accumulated water in the refrigerator. When you find that there is too much water, check if the drain hole is smooth. If you find that the drain hole is blocked, you should use a thin iron wire to unblock the power supply.

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