3 tips to evaluate a reliable refrigeration shelf system


10 years before, beverages are traditionally being displayed in wide-open refrigerator merchandisers. With more than 100 beverage brands showed in one time, it is easy for customers to miss one kind that companies are eager to promote.

In the competitive beverage industry, brands start to look for identical mini to medium size free stand cooler to display exclusively. The display occasion is no limit to grocery stores but in any place that retail could happen, such as a cafe, bar, restaurant, hotel, etc.  While it is not a fast decision for a brand to decide on such display cooler, multiple perspectives are considered, including price, design, durability, environmental concern, etc. In which, the detail is sometimes easy to be missed facing the overwhelming options.


Have you considered the exact type of shelf clip that is applied in your display cooler? You may not notice the potential hidden danger that is behind the 0.1-ounce clip.


Manufactures tend to save budget by using cheap plastic shelf clips, and disaster happens:

One 330ml aluminum can with beverage weighs around 0.78 lbs, while one 12 oz bottled beer weighs 1.5 lbs. 140 cans or 48 bottles can be held in a 105 L display cooler with 5 shelves. Accordingly, each shelf is expected to hold 15 to 20 lbs.


Then, the question comes to be “what is the need to secure a reliable shelf system”?

There are 3 tips when evaluating the reliability of a shelf system in a commercial display cooler with a capacity beyond 100L:

  1. Heavy-duty epoxy coated wire shelf (better to be adjustable for different product sizing)
  2. Metal shelf holder (It could be stainless steel or mixed metal)
  3. Metal refrigeration pilaster (must have perfect matching with shelf holder)

Meisda is always dedicated to offering customers the most reliable shelf system for long-term usage. In our product standard, you may easily find 3 tips applied in our medium to large size commercial cooler series.

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